Are you looking for a manufacturer of aluminium canopies which offers security, strength, and all the unique functionalities? McKinna Group aluminium ute Canopy is what you need to get your hands on. A ute canopy aluminium that impresses and inspires. Whether you are a busy tradie or want to update your aluminium ute canopy or whatever purpose it serves, McKinna Group provide the masterpiece you will fall in love with.

Aluminium canopy in Melbourne are beautiful to behold, are so lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and serve all the purpose you need. The unique design reduces the weight but keeps the strength and durability as perfect as possible. The other features with McKinna aluminium ute canopy include flush floors, door sills, thought locking system, durable rubber seals. These features improve the service and layout. At McKinna, we ensure that your vehicle's warranty and fabrication work is Australian built to withstand the conditions.

From our selection, create your product to meet your exact requirements. Then, please speak with our experts about various unique accessories that can be customised to meet your needs. McKinna ensures these designs; we will be able to assist you.

We can customise a ute canopy aluminium set-up for your vehicle that fulfils all of your requirements, from the essentials to specific extras you need for your profession. Our team has vast experience designing and manufacturing your Aluminium canopy in Melbourne and bodies for a wide range of vehicles. So, you can expect a perfect fit and all of the features you need.

We can also fit out entire fleets with bodies, so whether you want more options and features for your present cars or the latest innovations and opportunities for a brand-new fleet and canopy shelving, we can make sure you get the best trade vehicle fit outs for all of them.

Ute canopies are ideal for transporting large goods. If you wish to bring your tools, though, you'll need to organise and separate them from the rest of your gear.

The Ute master Canopy Shelving system is designed to mount to the top rail of your ute's well side, so it won't obstruct the floor area or anything below the top of the good side, giving you a lot more storage space and simple and secure access to anything on the shelves through the side windows.

We are constantly investing time and resources to improve our products, making them more secure, capable, and durable.
We're continuously looking for new ways to improve aluminium canopy in victoria and give you a better, more effective, and higher-quality service body than you'll get anywhere else. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and provide you with a better, more effective, and higher quality service body than you can find anywhere else. From optimising the structural design of the service body and improving its strength to staying up to date with marketplace trends

McKinna worked hard to ensure that every customer, including you, receives the most exemplary possible end-to-end service. As a result, we offer the canopy and its accessories and a comprehensive choice of extra vehicle accessories.
CSM offers a complete end-to-end solution for trade vehicle fit outs, whether you need a GVM and suspension upgrade or only want to add a bullbar and some driving lights.

While having unique items and providing excellent service is critical, it all comes apart if we fail to keep our commitments. As a result, our technologies are optimised for fleet production on the factory floor and in the office.
Not only can we supply complete end-to-end fit-out solutions for service fleets, but we can also develop high-quality, high-end, and capable things constantly.

  • CAD-designed and laser-cut premium-grade
  • Aluminium material for perfect precision
  • Monocoque technology is a type of construction that uses a single
  • For the strongest and cleanest weld, TIG welding is used.
  • Design and service of specialised electrical systems in-house