Standard Colours

FACADEPRO Nail Strip features a sleek design with a thin rib and wide tray, plus a perforated fixing strip for quick installation and thermal movement accommodation. Its design allows for tapering and curving, offers a clean appearance without visible fixings, and simplifies installation without needing clips or specialist tools.

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Product Applications

Product Warranty

To ensure you meet the eligibility requirements, make sure to disclose your project’s location and the intended application at the time of placing your orderDetails of this warranty are in McKinna Group’s Terms and Conditions of Trade. 

Colorbond Steel – Classic Finish

Colorbond Steel – Matt Finish

Colorbond Ultra – Classic Finish

Selection Process

FACADEPRO products are available in a wide range of popular colours, to suit Residential and Commercial applications.

Prepainted Warranty

Colorbond steel is a prepainted material. The availability of a warranty is contingent upon adherence to the supplier’s specific application guidelines. It is imperative to request this warranty at the time of placing your order to ensure eligibility.

Information Request

McKinna Group can provide detailed information upon request.  


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