Light Weight

High Wind Rating

Multiple Configurations

The SUNBLADE Air Shroud introduces our latest lightweight innovation, crafted from a specialised extruded profile to offer a slim and sleek appearance without compromising on durability. This design ensures optimal wind resistance, blending aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Ideal for modern applications, it exemplifies engineering precision and architectural elegance.

Commercial Grade
Made to Order
Australian Product
Specification Ready


Light weight with high wind resistance. Versatile one-piece design.




Product Applications

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Product Warranty

To ensure you meet the eligibility requirements, make sure to disclose your project’s location and the intended application at the time of placing your orderDetails of this warranty are in McKinna Group’s Terms and Conditions of Trade. 

Powder Coating

Selection Process

SUNBLADE products are available in a wide range of popular colours, to suit Residential and Commercial applications.

The available ranges will provide the option for a unique finish and extend the visual lifespan of the product. The coating process provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid paints, emitting negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and allowing for nearly 100% utilisation of materials. We ensure that these products adhere to rigorous quality and environmental standards.

Powder Coating Warranty

Warranty for powder coating can be provided upon request, contingent upon adherence to the supplier’s specific application guidelines. It is imperative to request this warranty at the time of placing your order to ensure eligibility.

Information Request

McKinna Group can provide detailed information upon request.  


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