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ProjectAlbert Park
ArchitectADEB Architects
PhotosJaime Diaz Berrio

Project Description

McKinna Sheetmetal were approached by ADEB architects to manufacture the curved perforated façade around the residential heritage overlay home. McKinna took the plans and worked alongside the architect and builder to produce these stunning aluminium panels. Through 3D CAD we were able to draw up each folded panel with its perforations and size graduating along the sloping roof and around the organic shape of the house. The panels were then laser cut and punched using a hexagon punch. Each panel was CNC formed using a number of radius punches and powder coated. The ADEB designed architect house has since won several awards including Dulux Colour award.


McKinna Task:
Design, laser cut and punch 40mm Hexagon perforation, CNC Form panels and powder coat.