Architectural metal planter boxes made for the modern garden.




Tailored to the unique requirements of architects, builders, and garden designers, the ECOPLANTER range was developed through extensive consultations within the industry. This collaboration resulted in a meticulously engineered, robust solution designed to enhance modern development gardens with lasting beauty and functionality.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the range prioritises environmental sustainability – minimal impact, aligning with the core values of eco-conscious design. This thoughtful approach ensures that each planter contributes to a greener, more sustainable garden environment, reflecting the ethos of modern, responsible landscaping.



Reduce Internal Volume

Available for all models

Deliver a modern garden aesthetic without extra weight. Designed for balcony and rooftop gardens, this lightweight floating feature minimises soil load, offering a luxurious designer planter box with no compromises.  



Extended Length

Rectangular Profile

Connectors Available

The Ultra range, with internal support brackets for extended lengths, ensures a continuous, seamless appearance, eliminating material bowing. Specialty-made configurations for rectangular profiles that meet the needs of designer gardens and architectural specifications.


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