Shroud Systems engineered for Australia.


Non Combustible

Quality Design

Fully Engineered

Introducing Australia’s first engineered system of Sunblade Aluminium Window Shrouds, a groundbreaking range designed to redefine the aesthetics and functionality of modern architecture. This innovative collection features three distinct models, each available in multiple configurations to suit a variety of design requirements and preferences. 

Crafted from high-quality aluminium, these window shrouds not only offer superior durability and weather resistance but also enhance privacy and control natural light with precision. Seamless integration with any facade, providing a sleek, contemporary look. Combining elegance with practicality for dynamic and efficient architectural designs.


Thin Profile

Curved Options


The SUNBLADE ARC SHROUD boasts a highly adaptable and meticulously engineered design, intentionally developed to support the broadest range of architectural projects. This series is tailor-made for architects who require a full array of customisation. Sunblade shrouds adhere to Australian standards and provide consideration for building sustainability through solar shading.


Light Weight

High Wind Rating

Multiple Configurations

The SUNBLADE Air Shroud introduces our latest lightweight innovation, crafted from a specialised extruded profile to offer a slim and sleek appearance without compromising on durability. This design ensures optimal wind resistance, blending aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Ideal for modern applications, it exemplifies engineering precision and architectural elegance.


Bold Design

Express Lead Times

Large Sizes

The Sunblade Box Shroud presents a distinctive, bold aesthetic. Crafted from a highly durable extruded profile, it’s engineered to withstand the harshest environments. Uniquely available as a modular kit, this facilitates easy transport and assembly. Builders will benefit from the quick lead times, significantly easing planning efforts and reducing the challenges associated with site-specific accuracy.


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